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We returned from our very emotional and tiring trip to San Diego just before sunset, with our hearts full of appreciation for family and friends. We were well ready for rest and recuperation. It was a surprise then, as we taxied Tripp to her parking spot, to see this USAF plane that looks far to large for moving under its own power, much less flying. Yet fly it does, and pretty fast, with lots of big and heavy things inside. Take a long look at this pic for a sense of the scale of this thing.

1806 Big Bird Butt

1806 Big Bird Butt

Not just the people standing next to it. Check out the large jet at the left, that itself dwarfs our 4-passenger Tripp. Or the line of large tanker trucks on the right. At the same time, giving it a human scale is this other pic.

1807 Family Size

1807 Family Size

This big scary machine is operated by caring and warm-hearted people supported by their families and friends. It seems the crew, rarely landing at SBA where military planes from any service are unusual but USAF planes even more so, got permission to show off their bird. It was so sweet to see them all ogling it and looking in awe at what their loved ones operate. Seems to fit perfectly with our reaffirmation the last few days, of the value family and friends have in creating and sustaining a meaningful life.

May your family and friends always be the wind beneath your wings.


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