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Anacapa Light

What is it about lighthouses?

Maybe the human heart is inspired by an impression of standing courageous, stalwart and resolute amid a fury of sea and storm? Is that some of my fascination, looking over the shoulder of this light at the precipice and imagining the crashing turbulence it faces?

How is our reaction different, looking back from offshore?

This view might remind us of the keepers. On clear days like this did they pause in labors like cleaning windows, painting, fixing, polishing the mirror, and tending all the routine? Maybe quietly befriending a seabird, or just standing at that high railing to survey the vast panorama? Coupled with the light and foghorn themselves, do we feel an appreciation of these guardians patiently guiding explorers, travelers and commerce safely through the hazards of darkness and weather?

I’m curious whether anyone was able to figure out the crossview 3D trick described in my previous post, and since nobody has complained so far I’ll toss in this one of the light in context with Anacapa Island’s carved eastern tip and the adjacent rock arch. I like how the 3D effect enhances the detail and texture of this perspective.


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