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Flood & Drought

Rivers are so beautiful. Sitting in the reeds, walking the bank, splashing the shore, swimming across, and of course taking it all in again from the air.

1669 Jugular

1669 Jugular

Sometimes the ribbon of life running through this river valley at Fillmore is a thread like this, barely connecting mountain to sea. Summers it’s often a sandy band serving as a wildlife freeway skirting the towns. The wider view introduces a tale of occasional storms that have bathed the whole valley in relentless muddy mayhem when the Santa Clara River rears up and races downstream changing everything.

1678 Flood Plain

1678 Flood Plain

Life, and for humans Love, has such seasons. Dry times and those overflowing. Cultivating the fertile valley nourished by flows and floods is most productive when we can remember nothing is permanent, and that we need to welcome change. Then a richer beauty emerges in our enjoyment of rivers.

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