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We spent today around home, and looking at pix from recent flights this one inspired what seemed an apt title. For years I’ve been intrigued by a round home near Gibraltar Road. Since childhood I’ve been fascinated by high places with windows. One of the earliest family homes I remember had a bay window with a view down a small hill toward a small town. The main attraction of castles for me, was high turrets. Soon after moving to SB and long before starting flying lessons, I discovered this round home and imagined the view.

0791 A Round Home

0791 A Round Home

Not only do residents here have a commanding view in every direction, they can probably go up into that turret for an even better one. While we have an ever-changing mountain view that we quite enjoy, anyone hanging out around home in this round home is treated to a panoramic view from peaks to beaches and beyond. Of course, we get an even better view as we fly past with our little magic carpet. 🙂


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