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The air along coastlines is special. Not just the subtle smells and tastes of the sea that find their way into the gentle breezes. I’m talking also about an ethereal quality especially present along the west coast, of light and color that is best viewed from about a quarter mile up like this.

1315 UCSB & Sea from Air

1315 UCSB & Sea from Air

This amount of air can make an already spectacular scene simply breathtaking. We flew along the coast toward town in air even clearer than the SB norm, and the effect was simply beyond words or the capability of photos to convey. I took other pix of course, but this one captures for me an enhanced sense of living on a bluff over the beach in a Hope Ranch manse.

1327 Hope Manse

1327 Hope Manse

The house, yard, those glorious trees, and the large dog (or small horse) and child at bottom-center give me a glimpse of that life. Being at this height above it keeps me free of the realities involved in earning and keeping such a place. From here my imagination is free to make it absolutely idyllic as my eye wanders across the details frozen in time.

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