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Looking at this pic, I experience ambivalence.

1088 One/Ninety-nine

1088 One/Ninety-nine

I love the green expanse of the golf course at the left, but feel some concern about water and fertilizer use. I think about the “1%” who can afford the astounding rates at the resort hotel on the right, but have greatly enjoyed the free public “raptor show” they sponsor near the pool. Between is a relaxing open area where we’ve enjoyed strolling quiet treed walkways, a creek, and a lovely beach. Moments before passing this scene we climbed out of the airport over this familiar place.

1083 Corner Store

1083 Corner Store

This is one of the few “big box” stores we frequent. While we like the prices and return policy, we feel concern for the local small businesses it has displaced. Though their products often seem “over-packaged” to us, resulting in lots of trash that’s difficult to recycle, check out all the solar panels on the roof.

To me, ambivalence is a Very Good Thing. When I feel none, it’s probably a sign that I’m not paying attention to the full spectrum. If I feel too much, it’s probably because I’ve lost sight of a question that according to one of my fave scholars is found in various forms in all the major spiritual traditions of the world: “What difference will this make in 1,000 years?” By then, maybe our descendents will know the outcomes of the global experiments our species is currently conducting. Perhaps it’s fortunate that my ambivalence is greatly soothed by a few minutes of fossil fuel consumption taking in scenes like these.


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