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Everyone knows (if they’ve seen this and this) that I’m fascinated with Murdock’s marvel. Most flights past the Hidden Valley area we look at his estate again. This time I snapped a different view aided by clear air and a higher sun angle.

1387 Murdock Manse

1387 Murdock Manse

If you click to see the largest version here, you can make out the courtyard of the pagoda left of center. Plus another view of the manse and of course the Kwai rocks. At the top-left is the pond where another pagoda sits, and I got a new angle on that too.

1389 Pond Pagoda

1389 Pond Pagoda

What’s more interesting to me: the many quirky features of this estate, or my own fascination with it? Given his funds, would I build something as elaborate? What additional details are invisible from this distance? I’m unlikely to ever be invited to tour the estate, so I content myself with snapping it when passing so I can pore over the telephoto pix back in my own little castle.

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