John & Anne Wiley

Big Adventure: “White North”

A flight in Tripp the 172Q from Santa Barbara to Edmonton in Winter for family time with my daughter, son-in-law, and delightful new grand daughter. This story wasn’t written in sequence at first, so many of the posts include flashbacks (most with aerial photos) to the flight and stops along the way.

HowTo: To read this adventure, click on the link for the first entry (1. Great White) and a new window or tab will (hopefully) open in your web browser. After you’re done reading it and looking at any photo(s), just close that window or tab and you’ll probably automatically return to this Index page. Click the next entry and repeat the process until you’ve either seen them all or used up your tolerance for our words & pix for the day. Your browser may change the colors of the links you’ve visited, so you could come back later and resume where you left off. We welcome Comments, because we don’t know if anyone has ever actually viewed one of our adventures this way.


  1. Great White – Intro, written after departure.
  2. Dillon – First post, well into the journey.
  3. Into White – Some highlights of the first leg, to San Jose.
  4. Courage Under Flyer – Amazing photo near the border.
  5. Comfort and Suffering – 2/11 arrival in Edmonton.
  6. Grand – First meeting with grand daughter.
  7. Green Memories – Flashback to early portion of flight, near Santa Ynez.
  8. Down Time – Tripp in Edmonton, and another flashback: Morro Bay.
  9. Memories – Flashback to flashback over King City, CA.
  10. Generations – Flashback to Salinas hills, and fast forward to new family.
  11. Beauty – Anne holding grand daughter, flashback to Boise area.
  12. As Above – Flashback to flight from San Jose, fast forward to feeding baby.
  13. More Memories – Flying Boise to Canada, and more Edmonton delights.
  14. Brownies ‘n Boondocks – Edmonton fun, frozen flying flashback.
  15. To Town – Driving Edmonton, flying Dillon & Butte.
  16. Full Color = B&W – More aerials of snowy landscapes, Lethbridge to Edmonton.
  17. Secret in the Garden – We move from an Edmonton hotel into a cozy B&B.
  18. Family Day – Cool family fun with ice skating and ice sculpture.
  19. Bob – Pondering an unusual aerial view, humor, friendship, and growth.
  20. Toe Toy – Infant and grand parent development.
  21. Personal Favs – Highlights of family time in Edmonton.
  22. Entertainment – Fun at home and on the town.
  23. WEM – Edmonton in Winter to Hawaii and back in four hours.
  24. Softly – Snow scene in our B&B back yard.
  25. Snow Day – Walk a mile exploring nature in -35C.
  26. Last Day? – Final fun with family.
  27. Window – Plan for the first flight toward home.
  28. Made It! – Celebrating cooperative weather and awaiting CBP.
  29. Migration – More on first flight toward home, with photos.
  30. Closeness – Even more 1st flight, feeling distance & closeness at Calgary.
  31. Change – Spokane to San Jose and worlds between.
  32. Colors – Touching home base with hearts overflowing.

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