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I’m smiling, typing this. Another wonderful family day, this time starting with an incomplete medical appointment. Turns out we needn’t have worried about arriving a few minutes late due to an especially frustrating car seat (I’m becoming an unwilling expert). After waiting over an hour watching each woman in the full waiting room called by name to go in ahead of us, the nurse’s assistant came out and called, “April.” My muttered reply, “Oh no, they’re only up to April!” We had a jolly stifled laugh and carried on with small talk and memories of my daughter’s infancy.

After the only other woman waiting was called in, I went to get my famished daughter a snack and returned to find that we’d been told the doctor was called away to the hospital and we’re rescheduled for next week. I only relate this as context to share how kindly my remarkable daughter received this very unwelcome news. We had a good time joking about it afterward, and after some fun stops returned to her place to complete our shared enjoyment of Pride and Prejudice (the unsurpassed Colin Firth version). This then to introduce one of my fav pix from those thus far not shared here.

5728 Family Time

5728 Family Time

I hope you can get some impression from this snap how joyfully pleased I am to see them so happy together, cuddled up to watch one of our fav movies with us. Were it not for alert Anne I might have missed this photo that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

The other new fav I’m sharing tonight is this shot of a man who loves hockey, and though not having skated for several years was ripping up the ice when we found the inexpensive rentals next to the pond downtown. His delightful freedom and exuberance on the ice matches his tenderness in the cozy shot above. It brought my daughter and me much joy to see such happiness in the hard-working man who daily brings such happiness to her, building a strong new family for my grand daughter.

5586 Free Skate

5586 Free Skate


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