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Last Day?

Can we possibly be thinking of flying? This morning dawned another lovely Spring day: -30F wind chill with tiny “white fly” snowflakes. We had another glorious day yesterday with family including a routine clinic visit, and a stop at possibly the most unusual Starbux we’ve ever seen.

1639 StarSki's?

1639 StarSki's?

Much as this looks like a ski lodge, it’s actually a Starbux in the parking lot of the Millwood Mall in South Edmonton. After a relaxed coffee convo we headed back to the “kids” place, where Anne was treated to a lengthy smile & coo audience with grand daughter.

1650 Irresistible

1650 Irresistible

Cute as this is, it’s late. That is, I crouched poised with camera ready and each time she smiled or made a sweet “coo” or “ahh” the moment had passed by the time I snapped. She’d flash a massive smile, often with associated squeal of delight that entertained us all immensely, then instantly thrash her arms and legs so as to defeat the grand-pappa-razzi. At least this evokes the memory. Say what you like about evolutionary science and the fact that babies are wired to do this, while adults are wired to love it. When she does this, all thought at science withers in the face of the adult-melting baby smile.

I’ve been the focus of many such smiles too, of course. But yesterday my main reward was the Study. That’s where she looks deeply into your eyes and memorizes your face. Most often during feeding, but sometimes at random like this pause to hold my finger and calmly take in the essence of John.

1656 Studious

1656 Studious

Hopefully we’ll have one last visit with this delightful family today. Tomorrow bright, early and frozen, we’re going to make a run for the border. Our plan is to arrive at Felts Field in Spokane by 5pm. We’ll find out whether weather has other plans, and will try to post at least a quick update once we’ve landed wherever we end up.


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  1. I have enjoyed your trip and sharing your family. Marie

    Comment by Marie Mancilla — 2011/03/02 @ 22:25

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