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With a little time for computer stuff tonight I found a few more pix from the San Jose to Boise flight to show you. For instance, this series as we drew near Reno.

5317 Buildup

5317 Buildup

Looking at it now, I’m reminded how feelings can build up between people. There were some great viewing areas on the highway where people pulled off to look at the river.

5320 Bridges

5320 Bridges

Maybe it’s no surprise that looking at them now evokes thoughts of building bridges of closeness between people who have been far apart. Like from California to Edmonton. Luckily, it’s not all philosophy or psychology, or whatever this treatise has been so far. Some things we noticed and photographed were just fun, like this “snow bike” approaching Boise.

5321 Snow Bike

5321 Snow Bike

I guess maybe it’s a livestock sorting pen of some kind, but from the air it sure did look like a bicycle.

Lastly today, here’s one Anne likes of me feeding grand daughter this afternoon and encouraging her vocalizations with vowel sounds. Building bridges and warm feelings.

1499 Bonding

1499 Bonding



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  1. Hi John and Anne–My gosh your coverage is so beautiful and thrilling to see! I have never had the pleasure

    of having it all put together so nicely. I liked all the comments about the plane, comfort, dangers from frost

    and two flyers in socks and sandals. Of course, for John, that is just like home in Santa Barbara, isn’t it?

    I have loved every moment of it. Your conversation about bridges and how the word bridges can be used in two

    different ways was clever. Congratulations, John, it seems you have a daughter back now and a very beautiful

    granddaughter as well.

    The coverage contributed by each of you, John, and Anne, is fantastic. Thanks so much.

    When Toni is over over tomorrow to see a Netflix movie on my TV that I did not want to watch, I am looking

    forward to sharing your coverage with her.

    Hugs to both of you, Joe Johnson

    Comment by Joe johnson — 2011/02/22 @ 00:28

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