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I’m very happy to report that grand-daughter is completely healthy, doing extremely well, and seems to have grown measurably every day. I know you’ll understand when I soberly assure you that this is the second most beautiful infant I’ve ever seen, and the little nuclear family is exceptionally delightful to be with. Since you already know I’m not boasting, hopefully it’s ok to share a new photo.

She’s been vocalizing a lot more and developing elementary hand-eye coordination so quickly now that we can see the progress every day. Even during the day when she wakes from a nap, often there’s some new behavior or skill. This dream learning is presumably why babies sleep so much, as their brains re-wire from the previous waking period’s stimuli. Well, yesterday and today she’s discovered she has feet.

5669 Foot Fixation

5669 Foot Fixation

She will stare at them, as in this photo. She’ll move them and try to grab them. She’ll kick the dangling toys in her playpen with them. GrandDad loves to watch and facilitate this process. 🙂



  1. Are you taking small trips back and forth to Canada from Boise?…. Or just sharing shots from when you were in Boise? Sorry if I missed the blog entry when you explained your itinerary for this trip 🙂 Very touching shots of the little one!

    Comment by Carla — 2011/02/25 @ 20:58

  2. Glad you asked, Carla because everyone else is probably confused about it too. We stopped in Boise overnight on the way, another night in Lethbridge just across the border into Canada, and have been in Edmonton since 2/10. We stayed in a hotel until a few nights ago when we moved to the much nicer AND much cheaper B&B where I snapped pix of the bunny and its tracks. So the reason for all the flashback photos of flying is that I didn’t get around to looking at all the pix right away and then decided to intersperse them for added entertainment of my fellow aviation junkies. Plus some I wanted to figure out the location on gMaps and that often takes hours. I could have just downloaded our flight path from the GPS in Tripp and then “re-fly” in gEarth to find stuff, but I totally forgot and Tripp’s on the far side of downtown from us. One additional complication is that for all the things I like about WordPress, it doesn’t let you arrange posts in any sequence other than most recent on top. Please let me know if you have any more questions, because it’s fun to know you’re reading. 🙂

    Comment by John — 2011/02/25 @ 21:57

    • Thanks, John, your explanation helped ground me in terms of your recent entries.

      … Well, now, “ground” has several meanings, doesn’t it? 🙂

      … In this case, I’m using a positive connotation for ‘ground’ …. but it strikes me that ground / grounding / grounded might evoke less positive emotions for you in terms of your flying experiences, eh?

      I’m sure you and Anne don’t like being grounded when Tripp can’t take off… but, on the other hand, I imagine you both enjoy how grounded you’re feeling – individually and together as a couple – surrounded by the joy, laughter and love of your daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law during your wonderful times together there in Edmonton.

      Comment by Carla — 2011/02/27 @ 05:35

      • Actually, it’s important to me that I’m feeling “grounded” before I take off and I’ve actually canceled or postponed a few flights for that. You’re right tho, one of the greatest fears of most pilots is being “grounded” due to some FAA technicality. Tends to make us picky, which is the point I guess. 🙂

        You’re also right that the family times are absolutely precious!

        Comment by John — 2011/02/27 @ 06:03

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