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We’re hustling off to the airport, with this general route in mind: click for gMaps. Basically along the highways to Spokane, WA with a detour slightly to the West of downtown Calgary to avoid the busy airport there. Waking at 6am to get an early start, we looked out the window and went back to sleep. As predicted in the forecasts just before bedtime last nite, it was snowing rather than clearing as earlier predicted. But now, at 9am there’s actually some blue sky. Once we get a little South of here, things are better – and warmer. Looks like we’ll be taking off about 11am, and if we can avoid strong head winds it’s about a 5-1/2 hour flight. By the time we get situated in a hotel and have a chance to blog it might be 7-9pm.

So we’ll be blogging again once we land, and you can have fun guessing where it will be from. 🙂


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