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Made It!

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We got out of Edmonton late due to a lonely snowstorm hovering right over the city. Still managed to arrive in Spokane just now, 20 minutes early. In normal scenarios that would be good news, but CBP is making us sit waiting in the plane until they arrive for their suspicion dance at the appointed time. Anne’s bladder will be gladder then.

Pix to follow in a few hours once we’re settled in our hotel. Some remarkable scenery we’re excited to share.


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  1. Hey John and Ann,
    Glad you made it safely. I perused your blog today and I have to say it was very interesting, touching, and entertaining; an all around feel-good read! You are something of a poet John!
    Thanks for the veggies you left. I made a tomato based topping for squash ravioli tonight and threw caution to the wind and added sauteed organic carrot, squash, swiss chard and red onion, as well as extra lean ground beef, garlic, spices and tomato sauce. I was worried the family would politely eat it but in fact there was very little left. They all loved it!
    Thanks for staying in our B & B. We enjoyed having you with us and look forward to your next visit with your little granddaughter and her mom and dad.
    I’m not sure if you meant to, but I found about 6 new dish cloths on the table. Were those meant for the B & B or would you like me to hold them for a future stay?
    Have a safe remainder of your trip. I’ll be checking in on you periodically. Your blog has been bookmarked and I love a good read!

    Comment by Nancy Peacock — 2011/03/04 @ 01:57

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