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I like giraffes. Their vibe is so calm, their color patterns beautiful, and they have those cool knobs on their heads. Imagine also what it’s like to nibble something on the ground and then something high in a tree. Like riding a “cherry picker” or, you guessed it, flying a little. 🙂

1051 Giraffe Corner

1051 Giraffe Corner

So it’s no surprise I enjoy watching for the zoo’s giraffes from the beach, driving by on Cabrillo Blvd., riding the little zoo train, and of course visiting the zoo. They’re not always out though, so  it was fun to spot the giraffes on a recent flight. The young one was going toward the gate to their stable with two adults. But then…

1054 Giraffes

1054 Giraffes

The young one turned to see what the other one was doing with the gathered crowd. Had someone tossed a treat? Maybe made a giraffe noise? Some visitors go to the giraffe enclosure daily, so maybe there was a familiar face in the crowd?


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