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Flying can alter our perspective on walls. The boundaries we humans create to separate and isolate ourselves, must be all but invisible to birds as they are to aviators. Case in point, the zen sanctuary some gazillionaire has created behind these walls.

7572 Walled World

7572 Walled World

I’ve never noticed this spot on Butterfly Beach near the Biltmore that we drive and walk past, because we see only the wall from ground level. The birds don’t notice the wall, just as I haven’t before snapping this. Now that I’m looking, it’s fun to invent stories about why there are two large homes (and a pool house) inside that walled world. What’s the story on the tiny slice of a property to the right?

The wonderful Chase Palm Park on Cabrillo near Stearn’s Wharf is one of our fave spots to stroll. The carousel at one end and band shell at the other with duck pond between. The playground area’s rubber sidewalks are fun to bounce on, and there are always kids in the fanciful playground during daylight hours.

7594 Chase Wall

7594 Chase Wall

Kids just a few years older play on the other side of the wall, trying to stay ahead of the concerned citizens who paint out their graffiti. Most kids of all ages are oblivious to the birds and planes that transcend these shallow boundaries that can seem so impenetrable down there in the spell of gravity.


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