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How Much?

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How much does one family need? Some of the manses we see from the air, especially around SoCA, look more like resorts. Maybe some of them are, but most seem to be private estates and in such neighborhoods anyone trying to run a resort would meet community resistance. So is this a resort in the hills above Thousand Oaks?

7606 Home?

7606 Home?

You could walk in and scream, “Honey, I’m home!” But there could be a family of 12 there and still nobody near enough to hear you. Family life could be more like a neighborhood. But are all the deck chairs out by the pool for parties, family of 12 (actually there are more chairs than that), or is this a resort? The detailed topiary work at the top right might argue for resort, but parking could be an issue. I wouldn’t want to live there and deal with all the inside and outside help working every day to keep it so spiffy looking. I’m glad some people like that tho, because such beautiful playhouses are fun to see from the air.


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