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Mission Impossible?

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Flying home from Santa Maria recently, we enjoyed looking at this old building and wondering what the story is.

7767 Mission?

7767 Mission?

It looks like a mission, what with the crosses at the roof peaks on this end and the pond with white statue at bottom right. But then why doesn’t anything about it show up on gMaps even with Wiki links turned on? I’m going to send a post to Edhat, and see if the local history experts there can provide some details. Meanwhile, here are some aerial details.

7764 Half Full

7764 Half Full

The swimming pool in the courtyard fascinates me. Who swam in it back when it was full and clean? How many people have been in there since it was apparently abandoned? How many years did it take for those bushes and trees to grow up in the patios? Was there a balcony around the outside that’s now just remembered by the posts and beams? Can you imagine monks coming out of their rooms to stand on the balcony to watch the sunset and take in the spectacular views of the Santa Rita Hills and the river valley past Lompoc to the ocean?


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