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Connection seems to be very important in this phase of my life. Closeness with friends and family, a marriage founded on Commitment to Connection, and predictably: Internet. It seems that when we’re without full internet access for a time, life is quite different. We do have decent internet on our “large” screen Droid X phones, but that’s still a pretty limited form of connection in the net sense. Blog posts don’t tend to happen, and even less likely would be anything added to my Photo Page. But it’s not just output, because many of the connections we have are via Internet so with limited or no net access we lose track of some friends and family. Paradoxically, a few friends and family prefer txt messages so with any cell service we still have connection with them. I’m working on setting one of our phones up as a wifi net hotspot, so we’ll see how that goes. Meanwhile, here’s a completely different kind of connection.

7738 Connection With Beauty

7738 Connection With Beauty

As we flew over Santa Barbara at sunset tonight, we felt a deep and colorful connection with beauty, each other, our home town, and ourselves. Looking at this representation of Connection just now, I breathed a deep and nourishing sigh. 🙂


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