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Last Look

When I posted Connection a few days ago, I’d not yet seen Anne’s pix from that spectacular sunset landing. She caught Lake Los Carneros reflecting the deeper colors just before we touched down, and it’s interesting to see how much the sky had changed in the minute or two since the last snap I posted.

1255 Anne's Sunset

1255 Anne's Sunset

I enjoy her perspective: her choice of subject, the different angle than I saw while flying, and of course stuff she can capture while I’m busy flying. Most of all, her artistic sense. Though the low light and relatively rapid motion from being so close to the ground for landing creates some blur of the freeway lights, the overall impression in this pic is relaxing for me. Her balance of subjects, light and dark with radiant sky… these things that moved her to choose this instant and framing to snap. As a team we see the world in stereo.


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