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Sometimes I rode the big bike like a rocket, even though it was heavy for my young age and lacked any gears to ease the climb. Other times it was a glider, riding invisible slopes high in the air as I whirled and soared. Life has been like that it seems, with periods of full-blast effort and times of coasting quietly along with a serene smile.

Today I’m thinking about flying slowly and quietly along our delicious SB coastline as another form of “coasting.” Scenes like this one from UCSB to the mountains just glide before the eye on such flights.

7530 UCSB to Mountains

7530 UCSB to Mountains

Among a delightfully endless parade of very different but equally soul healing scenes, a form of time travel sometimes emerges. Like this view of a place where family and friends gathered years ago to help us launch a new phase of life.

7537 Gathering Place

7537 Gathering Place

There’s a magic in seeing such gathering places and focal points in life while coasting. A surreal quality as if time is but an illusion, and in fact everything is right now in this timeless moment.


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