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After we flew over Ojai and landed in Santa Paula, our return flight that day was via Ventura. It was a lazy meander over football practice where eager kids were working to perfect their game.

7459 Ventura Football

7459 Ventura Football

We saw three different football fields that, from the air, were close together. I guess to some of those burly jocks the school rivalry made them seem worlds apart. Tomorrow morning I’ll send Edhat pix of all three fields and a look back across them all toward Camarillo, so tomorrow you can click the Edhat link here if you’d like to see them.

The downtown shopping area of Ventura is fun to wander, though I confess to a strong preference for Santa Barbara’s “Altered” State Street. It struck me how different the Ventura downtown looks from the air as in this pic.

7463 Downtown Ventura

7463 Downtown Ventura

It’s of course several blocks longer and there are many other interesting parts of that city, but the storefronts that you see from the street are such a small part of this view. I guess before we’d flown Our Town so many times, it must have looked dramatically different from the air too. Now our brains somehow combine the air and ground views so that from either vantage point we see a combined view in our mind’s eye. How vastly enriched our lives are from flying in Tripp, where we are still intimately connected with the earth and the works of nature and humanity! The realm of dreams.


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