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Terminal Lunch

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There was a Booth cartoon years ago that featured a guy in a cafe, and there was a detail in the drawing that got me giggling many times. Backwards on the glass door looking out toward the street you could read the name of the place: Terminal Lunch. Well as you may have guessed, my theme tonite is a followup on Anne’s post yesterday about the new SBA airline terminal construction.

6729 SBA Construction

6729 SBA Construction

Being so much larger than the old one, I’m hoping it will have at least one nice cafe where we can sit and watch planes come and go as we enjoy a snack and some snippets. You know, those little tidbits of overheard conversation like when someone passes on the street just as they say, “So are you going to sue?” We like to tell each other stories based on those snippets.

6727 Copper Top

6727 Copper Top

Of course, my fav feature of the new building is the copper-topped turret. I’d pay extra if we could sit up there! As you’ve guessed, I snapped these just after takeoff today so they’re closer and maybe you can more clearly make out some details.


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  1. John snapped the Airport side of the terminal – the part people will see from their planes. The opposite side is the Front that visitors and passengers arriving to the airport via cars and buses will enter. You can see the back of that front facade from this angle. As we drove from the airport past the new terminal we looked at the Front, and it looks quite attractive. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished architecture in a few months.

    Comment by Anne — 2011/04/07 @ 05:25

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