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Going Up

I love to fly. Guess you didn’t know that. 🙂

Seems like I’d love everything that involves going up, but oddly that’s not so. Not so keen on roller coasters, no interest in bungee jumping, little interest in skydiving, though I would like to try hang gliding. Another in the long list of vertical “not so much” options is rock climbing. I like the idea, but it just seems like too much work before/after a climb, and lots of expensive, heavy gear to haul. It’s fun to watch though, and right next to Gibraltar Road above Montecito is a great spot even more fun than the little rock on Painted Cave Road. So flying the hills I often look at rock formations to see if there’s anyone climbing, but have yet to spot anyone while flying.

6773 Going Up

6773 Going Up

Yesterday we went on a short flight before the weather changed to blustery and wet today, and though I couldn’t tell from the air this telephoto shot when cropped down reveals someone going up the rock face. Cool! Looking at this does give me the urge to try rappelling some time. Maybe someone will offer a swap for flying, since there’s no way I’d buy or rent all the gear much less learn to use it. Any takers? Meanwhile, I’ve put different pix of this on my Photo Page and on Edhat that show the others further down on the rock.


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