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Whether flying or wandering the area by car, bike or on foot, there’s no place like home for us.

1999 Back Toward Home

1999 Back Toward Home

When we first moved here “for a year” over a decade ago, the modest place we rented was in the area included in this pic from Stearn’s Wharf, in a ‘hood some locals called Monteghetto. As you can see, be it ever so humble it was still a great place to call Home. We used to walk this area called East Beach often, and until moving into our even more modest place with a view of the hills thought we’d always prefer ocean. Now we just go there occasionally as with this visit a few days ago, and whatever the mode of transport we are at least equally drawn to the hills and mountains.

6776 Twist Falls Trail

6776 Twist Falls Trail

For example, we want to try out the trail(s) from a hairpin turn on Gibraltar Road, East to a waterfall I’ve been calling Twist Falls lately because it hits a rock part way down and the ribbon of water flips over in a twist as it bounces. The falls are at the upper-right, and the road is out of frame to the left. Could be just game trails, but they do seem traveled enough they might be safe for us to hike before the scrub burned in the fires re-grows.


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