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There They Go Again

Yes, we’re off on another Big Adventure. This time we’re trying again on a new variation of the MeriTimes (named for the Canadian Maritime Provinces) plan. That is, across the U.S. and up to Newfoundland. We’d intended to go across the South first all the way to the Bahamas, but for a variety of reasons we started late (just as well, given the recent tornado trouble) so we’re hoping to wander East near the I-40 route until Little Rock and then tilt toward DC and work our way North past NYC and up the coast. We’ll see. Meanwhile here’s what we saw.

6828 Just off KSBA

6828 Just off KSBA

Just after takeoff, looking back toward Goleta Beach it’s almost overwhelming how beautiful this area is. What a gem!

Today we saw some remarkable vistas along the way, and maybe we’ll share more pix if we get some time off from adventures, family and friends along the way. We’ll at least be posting new words and pix along the way again as the trip we dreamed and the trip we planned manifest into the trip we take. We think tomorrow night will find us in Albuquerque. 🙂


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