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Abe & Ob

We hoped to reach Dayton tonight, but ended up in Springfield, IL. We were talking over a delicious meal at Maldaner’s a couple of blocks from our modest room. On the tenth floor of the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel (very nice, but of course not at all expensive as it sounds or broke aviators would stay elsewhere), with this view from our room.

7225 Old & New

7225 Old & New

On the left, new Capitol building and old on the right. We walked past both after dinner, and imagined Abe & Ob(ama) at the old one in particular.

We had a magical first stop in Decatur, AR and maybe Anne will tell you about it. Then we flew over to Joplin, MO for a look so as to complete our glimpse of the Route 66 hotspots (I chose one of the old hotels in the aerially nondescript town as the place where the song was written). When we passed St. Louis it overwhelmed both of us with what an inviting city it is.

7193 Meet Me In St. Louis

7193 Meet Me In St. Louis

We talked several times during our flyby, about landing for the night to explore a bit. Storms are coming though, and we’d like to be in PA when they arrive to ground us for a few days. So tomorrow if weather and whimsy permit we’ll arrive in PA. Dayton still beckons too, so we’ll see.


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