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Tooth Tour

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White. That’s what we see out the window today. Much of the day it was white past a couple of blocks away. Right now I can dimly make out a nearby hill. Not once have we seen the mountains. All the happier then, that we decided to take a quick sunset flight up to look at the hills. As you may recall, one of my fav features in our view is “Tooth Rock” aka Cathedral Peak. From here it looks very much like an incisor or eye tooth, sticking up from a saddle going up to the ridge near La Cumbre Peak.

6667 Tooth Territory

6667 Tooth Territory

Above it how it looked in context with the surrounding territory as we approached. Yesterday it turned out we flew directly toward it from the airport because nothing else seemed to draw us. There was already haze forming below about 2,000 feet, so the hills called to us as we climbed high enough to see that they were still in relatively clear air. We’d also wanted to see if there was much snow still on the back country peaks (there isn’t). There are probably other pix from the flight that I’ll share here in the next few days (especially if it stays foggy), but I wanted to share this closer shot of Tooth Rock because although it’s a little blurry due to the fading light and the cave at the base only partly shows in the frame, I really like this angle.

6668 Tooth Essence

6668 Tooth Essence

It really shows the tooth essence I get looking at it from home. It’s actually a relatively thin slab of stone rather than a conical shape as the angle of the light here seems to show, so I like how this retains that illusion while adding the texture and detail missing from back here on the ground (if we could see it today!).


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