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Quiet Slice

Next to the bustling Bacara resort where frantic zillionaires go (or send/take wives/girlfriends) to chill is a narrow slice of quiet nature from pre-herstory. In those times, the loudest sound you’d hear would be a bird call mingling with the gentle surf and breeze rustling in the trees. Though this is surrounded on three sides by resort, refinery and railroad (with freeway beyond), a slice of quiet somehow emerges as you stroll across the red bridge. Pausing to notice the foliage and wildlife, a calm descends.

6660 Nature Slice

6660 Nature Slice

After that deep breath you might notice the warm drone of a small plane coasting along offshore catching a glimpse back in time. Perhaps you hear the oil tender boat pounding through the waves dashing out toward an offshore platform. Or you might continue walking West to pause at the edge of the resort and watch the free raptor show. Whatever comes next is transformed by that moment. We’ve done this several times, and loved being up close to owls and hawks taken there by trainers to chase away seagulls and pigeons. Seeing them circle, hover, perch and glide, and noting the reactions of all the other birds. Also calming somehow.


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