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Green Memories

One of the first photos after our 2/7 takeoff from SBA was this private airstrip in the greening hills of Santa Ynez Valley near Neverland Ranch. With all the snow (and in this unseasonably warm heat wave, slush) here it’s fun to take a few minutes for looking through the photos from our flight that I’d only had time to glance at and file for moments like this. I’m smiling now, both from the great day’s visit with family and from this snap from only a few daze ago that brings a faint smell of Summer grass.

5278 Private Airport

5278 Private Airport

Maybe when the wildflowers bloom we can get permission to land on this beautiful airstrip. We could walk to the edge and stand in nature next to Tripp, to smell the flowers and notice small critters like we did in North Dakota last Summer on the way to Oshkosh. sigh… 🙂


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