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I enjoy beauty, and see it often in people. Strangers on the street, the smile of a harried cashier when I read her name from the tag she’s wearing to ask about her day and thank her personally. The man stocking shelves who lights up when he can point out the item we’re looking for in an unexpected location. Of course, topping my list is people I love when they are enjoying each other.

5536 Beautiful Moment

5536 Beautiful Moment

I wonder if babies take in a brief moment like this and store it somewhere deep beneath memory for the rest of their lives. Maybe it contributes to a sweet impulse they experience when holding a baby themselves decades later. What if we’re all babies inside, and most of us have just forgotten the purity of that time before judgment and expectations?

Then there’s the beauty of nature. Few things can so completely flood me with natural beauty as flying so often does. Flying from San Jose to Boise was magnificent of course, and nearing our destination this scene seemed to capture the essence somehow.

5322 Liquid Light, Frozen Hills

5322 Liquid Light, Frozen Hills

I don’t know if it shows on your computer, but soaring smoothly beneath Tripp’s sturdy wings it was amazing in the extreme. When cameras can capture what the heart takes in from such a scene, everyone will learn to fly. Meanwhile we have photos of loved ones and miraculous moments to at least remind us of bliss.


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