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Long ago (a few weeks), I shared this shot of UCSB here on our blog. I also sent it to Edhat and put a larger version on my Photo Page. Thanks to Dreamyshade’s comment on the Photo Page version, I’m looking back at the pic with my eyes open. I’m fascinated by old stuff, and have often imagined looking in the attic of an old house where I’d discover some forgotten treasure. It might even be valuable: I think it was last year someone did that and sold it for several million, but I digress.

4466 What's Inside?

4466 What's Inside?

Every time I fly into, out of, or around SBA this is in sight. Given my fascination with old stuff, how can I have possibly not noticed this bunker? Will I remember next time we’re out where Tripp is parked, to see if it’s visible even from there? Even if it only held WWII munitions for the Marine Air operation once based at SBA, wouldn’t it be cool to look around and in this thing? What if it was used as an alternate command post in the event of attack, and there’s an old desk with a hot line and paperwork or charts? Well, I’ve sent an item to Edhat about it so if they put it on we’ll probably get lots of answers from the history experts that hang out there. Meanwhile, in answer to Dreamyshade’s comment here are crops of the other two bunker areas from pix of that day, slightly reduced from full size.

4466 Bunker Busting

4466 Bunker Busting?

4469 Bunker Busted?

4469 Bunker Busted?


Hope Lake

Hope springs eternal, and I seem to have an enduring fascination with Hope Lake. That’s my name for the large pond atop the bluffs in Hope Ranch. First off, it’s remarkably beautiful both in the shape and setting of the “lake” and in the complex landscape design. The mansions and assorted other buildings are tastefully integrated and extravagantly appointed. It’s a prime example of human expression in the grand estate form.

5167 Hope Lake

5167 Hope Lake

I don’t know if it’s two estates sharing the lake, or if it all belongs to the one on the left. Either way, another fascination to me is how much each square foot of that water must represent in real estate value given that if drained it could support quite a large mansion with a commanding ocean view in one of Santa Barbara’s two priciest areas. That baseball diamond would buy quite a large fleet of Tripp-priced planes, or probably a spiffy jet. I’d rather be flying. 🙂

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