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Got to Boise airport early, but took a little while to clear ice off Tripp and a LOT of time to hassle with border stuff. Did you know that permission is required for US citizens to leave the US? Don’t get me started. 🙂

So we landed in Dillon, MT after a magnificent flight. We’ve filled Tripp with fuel and are now taking off again, landing at Lethbridge, AB for Cdn customs and probably stay there since it’s likely to be getting dark by the time we get there. More news as it happens…


Great White

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We’re on another adventure, this one I’m calling the White North. Monday we left sunny SBA and flew to cooler San Jose for an all too short visit with family. Tuesday we flew via Reno to Boise, ID. Tomorrow we’re going to probably scoot East around the mountains and fly to Lethbridge just across the border in Alberta, Canada. After assuring the customs folks there we’re model visitors, we intend to carry on to Edmonton. I’m hoping to have more time once we’re snuggled into a hotel there, to write more about what we’re up to and share some of the fun pix we’ve snapped already (though so far we’ve fallen far short of our typical one pic per mile ratio).

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