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Going Up

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I’m surprised it’s taking me so long to go through the pix from yesterday’s flight. After posting the snaps of the new copper dome, we got distracted with lots of other stuff. Anyway, just now I looked through the first few and here are some favs from the flight. Just after takeoff UCSB looked especially lovely, and since it was a bit hazy I’d mounted the polarizing filter. The result is both better and worse than without, since it reduces haze but makes colors a bit strange and reduces sharpness a bit. Fun to see it differently, and at least in terms of haze more like how it looks when we’re flying.

4468 UCSB Polarized

4468 UCSB Polarized

Click to see the larger version here, or better yet visit our Photo Page (link in right column) to see an even larger and sharper version. Such a beautiful campus and setting!

We climbed over the ridge West of Painted Cave near what I think is a gun club, and this stand of trees with the island background was captivating.

4486 Huddled Trees On Top

4486 Huddled Trees On Top

I’m hoping to look at and post more pix from the flight tomorrow. Such fun to “re-fly” it via the photos.


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