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Our thoughts about Dad today are warmed by learning that he’ll be honored for his skateboard pioneering at the next IASC conference.

On a recent flight with friends, I noticed this unusual rock formation (I’m a rock hound!) that stimulated several thoughts.

0634 Rock Shelter

0634 Rock Shelter

First I wondered what caused the large boulder at the lower-right to break off a large chunk. Had ancient people been involved at all? It seems like a great little shelter. I wondered what it was like there when the recent fire swept through the area, and noticed that the trees near the rock seem to have survived. Just now looking at a closeup of the rock, another thought came to mind.

0637 Traces

0637 Traces

Those look like traces of human activity in the boulder at the upper-left. About the right size for acorn grinding holes. So I thought about people sheltering in the big boulder and chatting as they prepared food in the other one. Enjoying the spectacular view of the villages scattered below and the islands beyond. Pausing to watch a passing hawk taking it all in.


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