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What would I do if money were no object? I’ve known a few people in that position, and the answers vary quite a bit. Most want some basic things like a cozy place to live and some toys: cars, boats, antiques, innovations, and for some like me also planes. I’d like to have a hangar at SBA with a “tricked out” Tripp, and a cozy 2 bedroom place with lap pool and a view. Many want to help others and make a positive difference in the world. We get to see indications of the answers people come up with by flying over neighborhoods. Some are in expensive areas like this Beverly Glen area next to Stone Canyon Reservoir.

0595 Stone Canyon Res

0595 Stone Canyon Res

When I look at scenes like this, sometimes the notion of permanence comes to mind. I believe everything in life is transitory, and the only constant is Change. So even if I had the money to buy a mansion or estate somewhere, there would always be the chance of unexpected change. Living beneath a dam seems to increase the chance. Economic considerations are omnipresent for everyone, and one nearby manse seems to represent that variety of change.

0597 House On Hill

0597 Paradise Paused

This owner seems to have stopped work on the back yard. Maybe the economic change we encountered in 2008 brought a sudden halt to the yard work. Looks to me like there was to be a jacuzzi adjoining a lap pool with a spectacular view. Here’s a wide shot (with arrow pointing at the manse) for a sense of what that view is like.

0598 Terrain Talk

0598 Terrain Talk

The reservoir, the hills, downtown L.A., at least part of Santa Monica, and probably also a slice of coastline on nice days. Great view. Another thing I see relates back the the notion of permanence. This neighborhood seems to me subject to flood, landslide, wild fire. To my eye, the possibility of earthquake may be relevant too. Those long ridges and furrows extending toward Santa Monica look very much like the terrain we see when flying along the San Andreas Fault.

This all brings to mind the way I hope to respond to Change. May the permanence of Love steadily bubble to the surface of a serene awareness, providing an anchor for weathering Change and a source of endless joy in difficult times.


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