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First March

To launch March 1st, our sweet Daughter shared video she caught of our delightful Grand-daughter’s first walk. Now it might not seem much to you, but for us this is pure joy. Given the date, her witty Dad dubbed it her First March. You can’t tell much from this still, but when we watch the video our cheeks hurt from smiling. 😀

Luella's First March

Luella's First March

It’s fascinating for us to watch her mental processes as she decides to do it, pauses, continues, then stops at the edge of the carpet where the floor is slippery in her jammies. I love how she holds her hands up, and opens the fingers of her right hand when she stops.

Needless to say, I’ve figured out how to download the video she posted onto my computer to keep forever and show to everyone who will watch it with us. How far technology has come from requiring an expensive and low-quality sound movie camera plus weeks for processing and then an expensive projector to share a moment like this. Now many parents can instantly capture sharp video on a cellphone and share it  across the planet in a few minutes.

Wasn’t it yesterday I watched my Daughter’s first walk? Don’t I wish we had videos of her firsts? Luckily I do have indelible memories that are triggered by watching her with her own daughter.

Life is so very sweet!


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