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Crown & Down

Yesterday we drove to Crown, PA to walk the lands of my ancestors, and it was interesting at times imagining them there. In the quiet green behind a church I stood on the graves of many on both sides of my grandfather’s family and found it quite powerful to touch their headstones.

7791 Roots

7791 Roots

I stood on the abandoned railroad that was a lifeline to the village before the highway, gazing back into the distant past.

7733 Train On Time

7733 Train On Time

We remarked driving the area, how good a time of year this is for such an exploration. With leaves off most of the trees it was easy to see old cabins and ruins, and get a sense of this as a once thriving village. It has seen mining, farming, and a wide variety of other activities for the industrious settlers. Now it’s making a minor comeback as a retirement area for people seeking a quiet country life.

So today we go down to DC for an exploration of our nation’s roots…


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