John & Anne Wiley


In Penn Inn

We’re tired.

We’re happy.

We’re enjoying the idea of a rainy day in Pittsburgh. Cool when we arrived at the airport, and the flight from Land ‘o Lincoln was fast with winds ahead of the storm pushing us along in clear air.

Approaching the city we were fascinated by the tall plume of a power plant, so as we passed nearly overhead I snapped this. For us it evokes the memory of the tall plume but for you it probably just looks like a puff of steam atop the stack.

7271 Old Energy

7271 Old Energy

It all looks so “last millennium” and leaves a gray pall hanging over entire states, so during the flight I got to dreaming about what our country will look like when we finally move on to clean energy.

Well, we’ll probably post more interesting stuff later, but haven’t looked at today’s harvest yet so maybe nothing else came out. 🙂


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