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Back to School

I know. Pix of UCSB might actually get boring for some people. For me though, especially lately with clear weather and lots of water and green and clouds… Well, lately I’ve been asking ATC for takeoff from funway 25 (meant to say Runway 25 of course, but the slip fit so well I left it in). Anyway, by going from that runway there’s a great view of UCSB and the islands as the first visual greeting aloft. sigh…

6295 Molly Factor

6295 UC Factors

The fact that Molly and Erin went there adds a lot too, almost like the shimmer of the slough is a mirror back into years of warm memories.

OK, so tomorrow I’ll start sharing more pix from this 3/22 flight. Unless we fly between storms again and get something so fun I get jolted back to the present. 🙂


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