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Seems like every time we fly the Santa Barbara area, we discover new things. On our Friday flight we were startled by the sheer sandstone bluffs just West of the Bacara resort. Especially this first one!

6655 Sliced Stone

6655 Sliced Stone

In a less geologically overwhelming part of the world, wouldn’t this be a major tourist attraction? So do “pages” of the stone flake off and crash to the beach all at once? What accounts for that hole punched through many layers in the middle? Does this feature have a name? Just a bit closer to the resort are more cliffs with their own charms.

6657 Sheer Bluffs

6657 Sheer Bluffs

I like how the layers have been shaved off by the surf, yet still retain the sharp definition. Presumably at some point all of these layers were horizontal, and over millions of years and countless earthquakes they tilted up almost vertical. Quite a scuplture. Looking back at these pix makes me want to go flying again! 🙂


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