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Happy Green

Aye and here’s wishing you a happy St. Patrick’s Day! We seem to have reached the age where going to one of the great Irish pubs downtown for a green beer no longer holds much appeal. Instead, we’re watching the festivities online and TV here at home with some green soup (homemade split pea) with our dear friend BD.

BD St. Pat's

BD St. Pat's

Bette Delores (her real name) has been wearing seasonal flourishes since I got her started on it with a santa hat at the end of 2010. Yes, that’s a Portofino poster behind her, that we bought on our glorious visit there with family. When we led a tour on a different trip to Europe, we enjoyed weeks of Ireland culminating in a transformational retreat with the late John O’Donohue whose skills as a naturalist, scholar, philosopher and poet infused us with a deep draught of Irish and Celtic consciousness.

But this year, Anne tried to help BD discover jauntier ways of wearing a green scarf.

BD Scarf Experiment

BD Scarf Experiment

Happily, they decided against that look. To me it’s evocative of a burka. Or perhaps WWI-era head wound dressing.


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