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Farewell Feelings

We’re especially enjoying Our Town recently. As we get Tripp ready for our Islander Adventure, we’ve taken brief flights to check out little things we’re going to use for the journey. Mostly though it’s a sort of Farewell to Santa Barbara for a time. We’re really missing Home already, as our departure fast approaches. So for me this pic is a bit melancholy as we cherish this place and everyone here whom we love.

4988 Missing U

4988 Missing U

We’re already missing that sunset over the University, the skies and mountains, greens and browns, and all the fun things going on down there. Sweet young Sarah knew we were going on this short flight and to my surprise I could see her come out to wave, so far below.

4985 Farewell

4985 Farewell

The white picket fence between us frames for me a warm farewell, and the essence of leaving Home.


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  1. Looks like such a fun trip… looking forward to reading about your adventures. A month ago I flew to the Bahamas, so I know how thrilling it is and am quite envious of your upcoming adventures!

    Comment by flynthings — 2013/03/16 @ 23:18

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