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Orange Stop

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Loved our time in Galveston, and may share pix later. Stopped at this airport and thought it cute having been to the one with this name in CA. Now on to New Orleans!

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Change Is Constant

Today’s plan was to reach New Orleans at dusk. Instead the winds blew us into Galveston.

0017 Galveston

0017 Galveston

We thought Hilton would be a comfy hotel, and liked the low rate they quoted. Has a great loop pool with swim up bar. Not that we can drink anything without inducing a sleep-deprived coma. But we’re happy. 🙂

Galveston Pool

Galveston Pool

The smiles faded considerably after we learned that Hilton doesn’t include internet unless you’d like to pay the “Why didn’t I think to ask that before registration” tax. They call it “Hilton Honors.”

So here I sit in swim trunks and bathrobe typing this in the lobby where they do offer internet. Are we stubborn to pay so much for a nice hotel on this very expensive Adventure and then refuse to pay their annoying fool’s tax? I hope we can remember this with the simple mnemonic, “Hilton DisHonors” their customers. So I guess right now I’m a little Grumpy Happy, but the swim will help. Maybe we will get a drink, paid by savings on the fool’s tax. 🙂

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