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Islander Adventure

Well, we’re seriously talking about another Big Adventure. This one we’re calling our Islander Adventure because our biggest new destination is the Bahamas. Getting there would involve flying about 55 miles across the water from West Palm Beach, Florida.  About five minutes of that flight would be beyond gliding distance to land, but the water’s warm and there are lots of boats that could give aid. We have lots of planning and packing to do, both before we go and along the way. Here’s our initial idea for a route.

Islander Adventure Route

Islander Adventure Route

As you can see (a little more clearly if you click to view the largest version) we also hope to fly the Florida Keys, and go beyond Bahama possibly all the way to the Virgin Islands. The southern route across the country would of course be our likely path East, coming home on a more northerly route. In case you’re wondering about the little jag on the border at Texas, that’s Big Bend that looked fascinating from a distance when we landed at Marfa, TX.

Weather will pretty much decide our timing and route. Like when an overnight stop on Prince Edward Island turned into a week. Or when we went to lovely Dubuque, IA because we couldn’t get any further from Iowa City where we’d taken off half an hour earlier.  So I smile looking at this map.

Whim will be the second largest factor. “Oh, that looks interesting,” has led to many diversions on our prior Adventures. What sorts of whims will we encounter in this Islander Adventure?

Islander Whim

Islander Whim

We’re bringing “Sev” our new Nexus 7 tablet with the great free Avare aviation app that’s going to pay for Sev with savings on FAA charts and documents, while making them much easier to use in flight. Maybe Anne will post some notes here on Sev along the way, and I’ll hopefully do some here on my MacBook named “Art.” Even if our words and pix aren’t interesting for anyone else, they’re fun for us to read because they bring back a flood of wonderful memories. Hope you’ll enjoy flying along with us! 🙂


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