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Flying Colors

We flew over the fireworks at SB Harbor a few years ago and as you’ve guessed it was spectacular. Well today was even more so in some ways, because the show was silent and all-natural.

4911 Color Uptake

4911 Color Uptake

Again we were flying near the Harbor, but this time it looked as if color were being drawn out of the ocean up into the clouds. It was a post card for offshore oil platforms. Then in the hills over Carp I noticed a gray fuzz of rain. Realizing it was in full sun due to a hole in the clouds I turned toward the mountains to recreate the angle between us, rain and sun in the offshore rainbow. Well!

4926 Colorful Division

4926 Colorful Division

The lines between North and South, earth and sky, gray and color, mundane and ecstatic were all divided by this most brilliant rainbow I can ever recall. Maybe because we were fairly close, our sun angle was improved by being up in the air. Maybe just that our hearts sang with the joy of it. Whatever the causes, I’m glad to have these pix (plus others on Edhat and Photo Page) to share with you. What a beautiful world we wander, eh?

The colors of the rainbow,
So pretty in the sky,
Are also on the faces
Of people passing by…

Bob Thiele


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  1. John,
    As usual your photos are awesome.
    John D

    Comment by Anonymous — 2013/03/11 @ 02:40

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