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OK, first of all this.

0313 Exhibit A

0313 Exhibit A

What else can be said about living in this place and being able to fly over it with an angel at my side?

Clearly tho, I’m going to ruin this with more words & pix. So on this same day we saw the first and last. Starting with what I understand is the first park in Santa Barbara.

0303 Plaza De Vera Cruz

0303 Plaza De Vera Cruz

I’m guessing this city park looked a lot different back then, but then again so did everything else about the Santa Barbara region. Now I cut to the Chase.

0305 The Chase

0305 Chase Palm Park

A few blocks from the Cruz nearer the beach is this great park, I think the last created in town, here only partly shown. This end has the antique carousel and this cool oval thing. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be an outdoor theater or just a place to hang out. It’s usually empty except for people passing thru, but maybe there’s something else planned for it or we’ve just missed whatever goes on there. It’s a great place to start or end a wander thru the wide variety of attractions in this big little park, and it’s quite a contrast with the Cruz. Over the years spanning the creation of these two parks, people have changed and remained the same. So many things to love about SB, but so few words & pix.  sigh…


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