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Sacred Friendship

I believe that deep friendship has a sacred quality, in the sense that our very identity and sense of meaning in life is closely interwoven with interpersonal intimacy. Family carries bonds of closeness over our entire lifetime together, yet at least until maturity lacks the element of conscious choice.

Friendships that arise from consciously choosing each other and the process of exploring our deepest true selves together, this seems to me a powerful co-transformation accessible to those willing and able. This week we flew with adventurous and fascinating new friends, and the very next day went on an extended soul journey in playful and wide ranging conversation with an old friend. I cherish all that friendship awakens in me, and how it expands my enjoyment and appreciation of family.

All this comes to mind as I look at this pic of the Carrizo Plain’s iconic Painted Rock from our flight. A place where over millennia, friends and families have probably gathered.

0245 Place to Ponder

0245 Place to Ponder


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