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Sometimes I’m small-minded. I saw an aerial pic of a European city that had been made to look like a miniature, and have wanted to try it for a while. I finally wasted some time experimenting (“What? Read the directions?!”) and came up with these two. So does this look like something you might see on a detailed model railroad set?

4708 Choo Choo!

4708 Choo Choo!

I guess the sunset light throws it off a little, because few models are lit carefully enough to create these colors and soft shadows. How about this one?

9826 Inches

9826 Inches

To me it looks like something an inch or two tall, with incredible detail. Maybe I’m too close to the work tho. 🙂

Anyway, if you’re interested there’s some info on how I did them with the Edhat and Photo Page versions.




1000 Words

1,000 Words

This pic is worth more than 1,000 words in describing what January is like in SB. The air is even clearer than usual. Flying in the mid-70s gentle breezes, we are transported to inner realms as The Garden between mountain and sea opens out beneath our silent gaze.

9741 Home View

9741 Home View

Our view from home looks much like this, except that the height changes the contour of the peaks. Sometimes when I’m watching the mountains change moment by moment from our living room, I remember views like this from the air that fill in what’s on those low hills. What a beautiful world we inhabit, and this little slice of paradise is our home!


Cold Spring

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The mid-70s crystal clear days we’ve been enjoying lately can’t possibly be the topic here. Nor did it help provide the pic I’m sharing, because the thin high overcast of the calm and warm weather a few days ago enabled the often impossible. With that diffused light and the leaves gone from some trees, we were able to see and snap the Cold Spring Tavern. We celebrated, because often it’s impossible to even catch a glimpse of it from the air.

9734 Cold Spring Tavern

9734 Cold Spring Tavern

A hundred-some years ago the Cold Spring Tavern was a refreshing stop on the stage ride North out of Santa Barbara. After a hot and bumpy ride up the mountain, this shady rest with cold beverages must have been very welcome indeed. As you can see from my snap on the wiki page (link above), we’ve enjoyed it along with the many visitors who still congregate there for food, music, and cool beverages.



I once had a dream to sail around the world for a few years. Unlike my dream of flying, it wasn’t strong enough to come true. Out by Point Conception is this relic of probably several people’s dreams.

9726 Dream Boat

9726 Dream Boat

How many owners did she have? Did any of them realize their dreams? Maybe just sailing around the SB coast? Out to the islands? Living on board in the harbor or at the exposed anchorage nearby? How did she come to end here? Did anyone salvage parts to carry on the story in another boat? Will another dreamer refloat her and have new adventures?

Maybe we’re known more by what we leave behind, than by what we dream. Or perhaps the dreams reflect a deeper self that we may never know.



Part of the magic of flying small planes is the transformations it fosters. It goes without saying that flying is for us a highly mood-altering experience, enhanced by flying enough that we feel no hint of the qualms most people seem to have about it. Just as when you coast down a gentle hill on a comfortable bike, wind in your hair and smile on your face, your mood is transformed.

Flying also transforms static two-dimensional terrain into a 3D sculpture garden. Case in point, these rock formations just northwest of Zaca Lake.

9702 Zaca Rocks

9702 Zaca Rocks

It’s less noticeable in this 2D pic of course, but my eye still sees the shifting shape show it was while gliding past Tripp’s window. My eye wanders over it in mental moccasins. To the left of this outcrop, another part of the formation offers gargoyles.

9702 Gargoyles

9702 Gargoyles

Top edge, center is an eagle. Down a bit, at the right edge is an eagle’s head. Are you aware of any slight transformation in your mood or vision from looking at these tiny flat representations of the magic we experienced?

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