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Hi View, Low Tide

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Hi, Anne here – You’ll notice a difference in quality from John’s but I thought I’d add a post from our short but delicious flight.  As we rose today I felt amazingly blessed with what a lovely and unique area we get to fly with its of combination of fields, towns, hills, mountains, ocean, islands – all so visible immediately upon takeoff.

My newer point & shoot camera is substandard for the motions of the plane, but here are my favorites.  The green fields and orchards are actually the major part of this view.  This shows some of the city of Goleta and looks back toward the airport we’d just left and, at the coast, Isla Vista & UCSB, with SB in the very far distance.

1565-SB Far View & SBA

1565 Fields, Town, Ocean, and Airport

The coastal tide was really Low as we flew above today and the striations in the sea floor appealed to me.  A fun surprise was seeing the reflection in Tripp’s wheel cover in the bottom right – not only the light from the low sun, but also the cowl and nose wheel of Tripp herself!

1579 Low Tide Shapes & Tripp Reflects herself

1579 Low Tide Shapes & Tripp Reflects

The swirls of ocean floor were so visible today:

1569 Low Tide Swirls

1569 Low Tide Swirls

What a delightful flight!  I’m sure John will share more of this flight in a day or two as he got some great and totally different views from his camera and side of the plane…

~by Anne


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